book review

Daisy Johnson’s Everything Under Is A Well-Written, Yet Confusing Novel

To say Daisy Johnson’s debut novel Everything Under (her first published work, Fen, was a collection of stories) is confusing at times would be an understatement. Yet, there is something compelling about it that makes you keep reading it, and wanting to find out what exactly is going on.


Emma Healey’s Novel Whistle In The Dark Isn’t For Everyone

Every parent’s worst nightmare is for their child to go missing, and when it does happen their greatest hope is for their child to return to them unharmed. Emma Healey’s latest novel explores the story of one family whose fifteen year old daughter is found after having gone missing for four days, and the madness that ensues as they try to piece together what happened. 


The Wander Society By Keri Smith Is A Fascinating Look At A Secretive Group

If you are looking for a respite from a hectic, busy life and wish you had more time to think and explore the world around you, The Wander Society might just be able to help. The only problem is you need to find them first. Thankfully author Keri Smith (who wrote the best selling book Wreck This Journal) has done all the leg work and gathered all of her research in one place. Her book The Wander Society will give you something to think about, and maybe even help you find the time to do it.