Becoming Karl Lagerfeld

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld Set To Premiere June 6th On Hulu

Hulu takes a close look into the life of a fashion icon with their new series, Becoming Karl Lagerfeld starring Daniel Brühl. 


Smiling blonde using the Skinimalism trend with natural skin texture.

Skinimalism: The Minimalist Approach to Beauty in 2024

The skinimalism approach is one of the defining beauty trends of 2024. Let’s explore what it is, its benefits, and how you can incorporate it into your routine.


Father's Day

A Daughter’s Guide to Celebrating Father’s Day

As daughters, Father’s day offers a wonderful opportunity to show our fathers how much they mean to us, and how much it’s meant to be daddy’s little girl.


Wedding guests clinking glasses while the newlyweds drinking champagne in the background

How to Dress for a Summer Wedding: A Comprehensive Guide

It can be difficult choosing the perfect attire for a summer wedding. Here’s a our guide on how to dress for one, ensuring you look chic while staying cool.


Navigating Your Options: How to Choose the Best Abdominal Surgery Provider for Your Needs

Finding the abdominal surgery provider is a decision that can greatly impact your health. We help you navigate the process.


Garage Door Repair

Upgrade Your Garage Door: High Lift Conversion Explained

High lift conversion for garage doors is a process that allows your existing garage door to operate at a higher level that’s closer to the ceiling.


Woman Wearing Fedora

The Timeless Appeal of Stylish Hats

The world of stylish hats is a rich tapestry of style and creativity. Let’s explore how they can effortlessly enhance your wardrobe.


Sleeping and enjoying young Asian girl laying on the towel and smiling with wet hairs - close-up portrait

Is Sleeping With Wet Hair Bad? Exploring the Myths and Facts

Let’s explore the truth about sleeping with wet hair, including taking a look at the myths and fact, as well as the potential risks and benefits.


A beautiful view of the Chateau Frontenac surrounded by greenery in Quebec, Canada at sunrise

Discover Canada’s Must-Visit Destinations for Your Summer Adventure

This summer, check out some of Canada’s must-visit destinations to get a glimpse of the countries rich and diverse heritage.


Updating Your Wardrobe

Upgrade Your Outfit: Elevate Your Style Easily

Assessing your wardrobe essentials is a crucial step in elevating your style, as it helps you identify what might be missing from your collection.


Healthy Lips

Keeping Your Lips Happy and Healthy: A Comprehensive Guide to Lip Care

While one of the most noticeable parts of our body, lips often don’t receive the care they deserve. Here’s a comprehensive guide on lip care.


Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

10 Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fresh Start

10 tips to help you rejuvenate your space and embrace the freshness of your home during your seasonal spring cleaning activity.


How to pack for a stylish vacation.

Elevate Your Getaway: A Fashionista’s Guide to Packing for Vacation

For the fashionista, packing for vacation presents a unique challenge: how do you go on a stylish trip without overpacking? Fear not, we’ve got you covered.


Mother's Day Home Spa Treatment

Elevate Mom’s Day: 7 Beauty Spa Ideas to Spoil Her this Mother’s Day

From indulgent skincare treatments to relaxing massages, here are seven beauty spa ideas to help you spoil Mom and make her feel like the queen she truly is.


Mother's Day 2024

Making Mother’s Day Special in 2024: Creative Ideas to Celebrate Mom

As we approach Mother’s Day in 2024 on May 12th, let’s explore some innovative ways to make this day truly special for the extraordinary moms in our lives.


Remembering Roberto Cavalli: A Fashion Icon’s Legacy

The fashion world is mourning the loss of one of its most influential figures as Roberto Cavalli has passed away at the age of 83.


Healthy Eating

A Wholesome Journey: 7 Steps to Eating Healthier

Looking for a healthier lifestyle? Here are seven practical steps and suggestions you can try to help you embark on a journey towards eating healthier.


April showers activities

Embracing April Showers: 10 Activities to Brighten Rainy Days

From cozy indoor activities to embracing the rain outside, here are ten ideas to keep you entertained and uplifted during April showers.