Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lives

A good book will stay with you once it’s done. You’ll think about it over and over, and want to talk to others about it. A truly classic book won’t fade either, and in many cases you’ll want to pick it up soon after you’ve finished it. Here are some novels that fit that mold, which everyone should read at least once in their lives.


Grace Is Gone Is A Thrilling Page-Turner

Imagine hopping next door one day to deliver a package of used clothing to your neighbours, only to find one of them brutally murdered and her teenage, disabled daughter missing. That’s the premise of the new novel by Emily Elgar, Grace Is Gone, and it’s a page-turner that will keep your imagination running from start to finish.


How To Hack A Heartbreak Is A Romance Novel For The Digital Age

If you’ve tried dating in the last decade, odds are you’ve tried to find your partner online. From dating sites, to dating apps, there seems to be no end to new ways of meeting people. Kristin Rockaway’s new novel, How To Hack a Heartbreak, takes a look at the world of online dating, and the frustrations that come along with it.