spring hair trends

“Cream Soda” Hair Colour Is One Of Spring’s Hot Trends

  The latest hair trend for Spring 2018 is a wearable shade that will flatter many. “Cream Soda” hair is a caramel hair colour peppered with beige browns and warm tones. Celebrities love it (including the always on-trend Gigi Hadid). So, should you give it a try? According to Business Insider, it’s perfect for anyone […]


Origami Hair Is The Hottest New Hair Look

At the recent Met Gala, rising model Hailey Baldwin was spotted sporting a unique, sculpted new hairstyle. With its sleek and architectural design, Baldwin’s eye-catching origami updo was certainly a change from her usual long, loose locks. The origami hair featured a perfectly twisted knot and slick pulled back tresses, for a hairstyle which certainly seized the spotlight.


Banana Buns Are The Newest Fuss-Free Hairstyle Trend

Although bananas may be best known as a rich source of potassium, it looks like this nutritious fruit is also inspiring a new hairstyle. In fact, the banana bun is set to be an emerging hair trend for Spring 2017, and has been making waves on Instagram.