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Origami Hair Is The Hottest New Hair Look

Photo: Instar Images 

At the recent Met Gala, rising model Hailey Baldwin was spotted sporting a unique, sculpted new hairstyle. With its sleek and architectural design, Baldwin’s eye-catching origami updo was certainly a change from her usual long, loose locks. The origami hair featured a perfectly twisted knot and slick pulled back tresses, for a hairstyle which certainly seized the spotlight.

Photo: florido on Instagram 

Also spotted on the Spring 2017 catwalk at Carolina Herrera, origami hair can be evidenced by its structural design and its attention to detail. Much like the Japanese art form itself, origami inspired hair is concise and precise in its design. While this may not be a feasible look to sport in day-to-day life, origami locks can certainly make a splash for the evening hours.

If you’re looking to channel your inner model, the key to embracing the look is plenty of hair product. Hair gel and hairspray can keep pesky, out-of-control strands under control, particularly if you have a longer and thicker mane.

Photo: annateslikova on Instagram 

For a low key take on the trend of origami hair, try creating a half-updo, with half of your locks flowing straight and smooth past your shoulders. With the rest of your hair, create tightly pulled back mini buns. This way, you don’t have the pressure of forcing your entire head of hair into a full updo, but you can still achieve the look.

Will origami hair continue to rise in popularity this spring, or is this a creative idea that is better left to paper? Whether you want to experiment with a new look or simply add texture and structure to limp locks, this may be a hairdo to try this season.