“Cream Soda” Hair Colour Is One Of Spring’s Hot Trends

Photo Credit: Instagram


The latest hair trend for Spring 2018 is a wearable shade that will flatter many. “Cream Soda” hair is a caramel hair colour peppered with beige browns and warm tones. Celebrities love it (including the always on-trend Gigi Hadid).

So, should you give it a try? According to Business Insider, it’s perfect for anyone looking for a flattering update this season. “The brown and blonde shades can be adapted to all hair colors—yes, even you “root beer” haired ladies—for an instant brightening effect. Thanks to strategically placed, face-framing golden highlights, it even gives your complexion a lit-from-within glow à la Gigi (no UV rays necessary). And double bonus, it’s healthier than going full-on platinum, because you’re coating fewer strands with bleach.”

If you’re in the market for a new, flattering hair colour, consider “cream soda” hair this season.