cream soda hair

“Cream Soda” Hair Colour Is One Of Spring’s Hot Trends

  The latest hair trend for Spring 2018 is a wearable shade that will flatter many. “Cream Soda” hair is a caramel hair colour peppered with beige browns and warm tones. Celebrities love it (including the always on-trend Gigi Hadid). So, should you give it a try? According to Business Insider, it’s perfect for anyone […]


Cream Soda Hair Is The New Twist On Blond

If you loved sipping on cream soda as a child, you’re in luck this autumn. As we step into a new season, there’s nothing quite like refreshing your locks to suit the change in the weather. With September upon us, the trend of cream soda hair has officially made a splash. While this fad may take its name from the sweet, fizzy drink, it is focused on a rich and eye-catching shade of blond.