blue eye makeup

Embrace 2017’s Blue Mascara Trend The Right Way

While blue mascara was once a dreaded beauty trend which was avoided by many, this makeup fad has since re-emerged as a must-try look. With late 1980s and early 1990s fashions currently reigning supreme, blue mascara also channels the era which has been displayed on the season’s runways.


Rock Spring’s Bright Blue Makeup Trend With This Tutorial 

Take beauty cues from this spring’s runway makeup trends and welcome the new season with sky blue eyeshadow to launch your spring beauty look. With bronzy eye makeup and wine red lips taking reigns as our go-to winter look, a brilliant blue shade is the perfect pop of colour to brighten up your eyes and your visage. For beauty addicts looking to incorporate a vibrant blue shade into their makeup routine, try this bold blue makeup tutorial to help you rock this spring makeup trend.