Rock Spring’s Bright Blue Makeup Trend With This Tutorial 

blue makeup

Photo: Boss Spring 2016 (

Take beauty cues from this spring’s runway makeup trends and welcome the new season with sky blue eyeshadow to launch your spring beauty look. With bronzy eye makeup and wine red lips taking reigns as our go-to winter look, a brilliant blue shade is the perfect pop of colour to brighten up your eyes and your visage. For beauty addicts looking to incorporate a vibrant blue shade into their makeup routine, try this bold blue makeup tutorial to help you rock this spring makeup trend.

1) Prep your lids with a primer: To start off your makeup look, apply primer to your lids to make the eyeshadow go on more smoothly. This will also intensify the brightness of the blue shade to make the colour really pop against your deep hazel brown eyes.

2) Apply a beige eyeshadow as the base for your eye makeup and darken the crease with a toffee shade and deep red brown shadow: Sweep a light peach colour across your upper crease as your transition shade and layer a warm toffee brown colour on top to create more depth and definition. To deepen the crease colour, add a rich red brown shadow on top of the toffee shade and keep building up the colour to create more intensity. Slightly wing out the shade in the outer corner of your lid to give the appearance of wider and sultrier eyes.

3) Add a black shadow to the crease to create a smoky effect: Using a more tapered makeup brush, dip the brush in black eyeshadow and apply it directly below the red brown shade, focusing the colour mostly on the outer part of the crease and blending it across to the inner part of the eye to create a soft, gradient look. Flick out the shadow into a small wing. This will create a smokier finish for a more dramatic eye look.

4) Paint the rest of your lids with a cream black eyeshadow: Fill in the centre of your lids with a cream black eyeshadow. Make sure to keep the lash line bare for the eyeliner while distributing the colour evenly across the lid.

5) Line your eyes with a sky blue liner for a pop of colour: Using an angled brush for better precision, glide on a bright sky blue liner on the upper lash line, patting the liner as you go across the lid to buildup the colour. Create an angled wing on the outer edge of your lid for a fierce eye. Then with a black liquid liner, line your eyes to create a thicker lash line.

6) Lengthen your lashes with mascara and false eyelashes:  To complete your eye look, apply a few coats of mascara both on your upper and bottom lashes then add a pair of false lashes to enhance your natural wisps. This will create the appearance of fuller-looking lashes, giving you doll-like eyes.

7)  Apply foundation to even out your skin tone and conceal your under eyes: Now onto the face makeup, apply your favourite liquid foundation to give you a flawless face and conceal tired eyes with concealer to brighten the under eye area. Set the concealer with loose translucent powder to prevent any creasing.

8) Warm up your complexion with bronzer and blush: To give your skin a sun-kissed glow, dust bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks and on your hairline and top it off with a dusty pink blush shade on the apples of your cheeks for a subtle hint of colour.

9) Add colour to your lips with a nude liner and peach lipstick: Finish off your makeup by lining your lips with a nude lip liner to give you a fuller pout and swiping on a peach lip shade to complement the bright eye makeup.

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