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Health & Wellness With Nichelle Laus

Online Transformation Specialist and Fitness Expert Nichelle Laus Answers Your Health & Wellness Questions



Q: More people are working from home than ever before which can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. How detrimental can this be on our health and wellness? 

A: A sedentary lifestyle definitely has harmful effects and it can lead to bad habits if not dealt with. When a person is less active, their metabolism lowers because your body’s ability to break down fat shuts down. They risk weight gain and other obvious health risks such as higher blood pressure, and higher risk of heart disease. Inactivity also causes loss of flexibility because your blood isn’t flowing as freely as it normally does through your muscles. Inactivity can also affect your mind. There is an increase in stress, depression and anxiety with lack of movement.


Q: What activities/exercises would you recommend for those at home with little to no fitness equipment? 

A: Just move and stretch daily! Some bodyweight exercises such as bodyweight squats, lunges, push-ups, and even walking up and down the stairs or walking the halls while on a phone call will help.                 


Q: What’s your advice for someone looking to start a fitness program now? 

A: It’s a great time to get creative and start something new but it’s important to be safe. Always wear good footwear, start slow and don’t overdo it. If you are having trouble finding motivation, find a video online or subscribe to an online class so you can get motivation from the other members or the instructor. If you experience any pain during the workout, stop.


 Q: Your programs at offer guidance and help with nutrition. How important is diet to overall health and wellness?

A: Yes, I offer customized nutrition plans to suit your needs and goals. A healthy diet is extremely important to our overall health and wellness. It provides nutrients for survival and helps our bodies function properly and stay healthy. A healthy diet maintains a healthy weight, promotes a healthy heart and brain, strengthens bones and teeth, and improves our overall mood and energy levels.


Photo Credit: Dave Laus