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Fall Fitness Q&A With Nichelle Laus



In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, Nichelle Laus, Transformation Specialist, Fitness Expert and owner of Optimum Training Centre answers some of our most pressing fitness questions.


Q: What fitness options or advice do you recommend for a beginner? 

A: The start is always the hardest so first off, congratulations for taking that first step! Now what? Next, I would suggest a meeting or a consultation with a trainer to determine and go over your goals. You want to reach your goals as safely and effectively as possible, and having a structured plan laid out can certainly help. When you decide what type of training you will be doing, ensure you get a certified trainer or coach to help you perform the exercises safely to avoid injury. Take it slow and familiarize yourself with your new environment. The results will come and when they do, you’ll want to push yourself even more. Stay accountable, dedicated, and remember to include rest as part of the program.


Q: What are your top fitness tips for women over 40? 

A: Many of my clients over 40 complain about their midsection area. Although spot reduction isn’t possible, we can help tighten the areas in general by lifting weights. Women tend to gain weight because they become more sedentary in general and yet they are eating the same foods they are used to. Adding short, high intensity interval training sessions to your routine will help in burning fat. Resistance training will also change the shape of your body and increase your metabolism by building more muscles. You will start to look (and feel!) like you’re 30!


Q: What are some of the best exercises for those without equipment? 

A: The body squat and lunges will definitely help tone up the lower body while push-ups and planks are effective to increase upper body strength and core.


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