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Major Andy Warhol Exhibit Coming To The AGO

Be prepared to get a dose of Pop Culture in 2021. The AGO has announced that a major exhibition of the works of Andy Warhol will begin in March of that year, and it will reconsider “the personal, social and political backdrop that influenced Warhol’s groundbreaking art.” 


Guillermo del Toro’s At Home With Monsters Exhibit At The AGO Is Creepy Yet Fascinating

To say Guillermo del Toro is an interesting fellow would be putting it lightly. From Pan’s Labyrinth to The Devil’s Backbone and Hellboy, the director has made some of the creepiest, horror and science fiction movies of the last two decades. Now thanks to the AGO and del Toro himself, we are able to catch of glimpse inside his world and see where he gets his inspiration from.


The Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibit Set To Open In Toronto At The AGO

Like many painters, Georgia O’Keeffe’s work can mean many different things to many different people. To some, images of beautiful flower paintings instantly appear in their head, to others images of skulls come to mind, and yet to others still gorgeous landscapes are what they imagine. Starting this weekend and running until July 30th, you can explore the many different aspects of Georgia O’Keeffe’s career all in one exhibit.