Major Andy Warhol Exhibit Coming To The AGO


Be prepared to get a dose of Pop Culture in 2021. The AGO has announced that a major exhibition of the works of Andy Warhol will begin in March of that year, and it will reconsider “the personal, social and political backdrop that influenced Warhol’s groundbreaking art.” 

There’s no questioning the influence Warhol’s art has had on popular culture. His painting of a can of Campbell’s Soup helped define the age he lived in. His work included all kinds of art, including film, music and publishing, and was a symbol of the cultural transformations that were going on in the second half of the twentieth century. This exhibit is organized by Tate Modern, and will span four decades of the legendary artist’s career. Artwork will include his early drawings, iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, experimental films, the floating Silver Clouds (1966), and the large-scale canvas Christ $9.98 (positive) (1986) from Munich’s Museum Brandhorst. Other works on display will include a selection of early male nudes the artist drew in the 1950s, his 1963 film Sleep and his 1975 series of paintings Ladies and Gentleman. 

The Associate Curator of Modern Art at the Art, Kenneth Brummel, said in a released statement that “Warhol came into the art world from the outside. And while his Pop works of the 1960s are the most famous, Warhol’s engagement with issues of identity, belief and desire in the 50s, 70s and 80s is as relevant and contemporary now as it was in the late twentieth century.”

At this time it hasn’t been announced how long the Warhol exhibit will run for, but we do know the exhibit will begin in March of 2021.

Photo: Tate Museum

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