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Toronto’s Pop-Up Selfie Shop Takes Instagramming To A New Level

Have you ever taken a selfie and used a filter to change the colours? How about used Photoshop to edit something out, or change yourself in the slightest of ways (or in some cases major ways)? Some expert photo manipulators also find ways to putting themselves in places they’ve never been, or doing things they haven’t done. Toronto’s newest pop-up museum can help you cut out the work and skill needed to do that though. This Is Eye Candy located at 322 Queen West provides you with fake sets that you can use as backdrops for your perfect selfie.


Watch As Cool Pop Up Shop Helps Tiny Merchants Take On Mega-Brands in London

So you have a business idea or have always dreamed of opening your own retail store, but don’t have the money? This awesome new technology from iZettle which makes it possible to take credit card payments from any Smartphone or tablet, makes it happen.