Toronto’s Pop-Up Selfie Shop Takes Instagramming To A New Level

Have you ever taken a selfie and used a filter to change the colours? How about used Photoshop to edit something out, or change yourself in the slightest of ways (or in some cases major ways)? Some expert photo manipulators also find ways to putting themselves in places they’ve never been, or doing things they haven’t done. Toronto’s newest pop-up museum can help you cut out the work and skill needed to do that though. This Is Eye Candy located at 322 Queen West provides you with fake sets that you can use as backdrops for your perfect selfie.

For $15 (or $20 on evenings and weekends) you can have full access to the 10 different sets the team at This Is Eye Candy have created. From sitting on a private jet, to standing in a vault full of gold, hanging out in a jungle, being surrounded by cherry blossoms, dancing in a classic disco or even browsing the shelves at a Blockbuster video, this new museum can help you look good on social media. The perfectly lit rooms make sure you get the best shot you can get every time. Of course once word gets out about the existence of the place, people may start doubting the things you post.  

This is Eye Candy was designed by artist Alanna Davey, and opened on May 4th. 

Photo: This Is Eye Candy Toronto Instagram


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