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Champions Of Magic Is The Must-See Event Of The Holiday Season In Toronto

The last couple of years Toronto has been magical during the holiday season, and by magical we mean that you could spend an evening at the theatre watching some of the world’s greatest illusionists plying their trade. As luck would have it such a show is available once again this year, but it’s a different show, with a different group of performers, and it’s an evening you just don’t want to miss.


Sutra Performer Ali Thabet Talks Kung-Fu, Stunts And Inspiration

The award-winning Sutra is finally heading to Toronto. The show features 19 Shaolin Temple Monks fighting, leaping, spinning and rolling as they showcase the skills they’ve spent their lifetime learning. The show is more than that though, and it’s artistic displays of talent will keep you mesmerized. We had a chance to talk to¬†Ali Thabet, the assistant choreographer and a performer in the show.