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The Health Conscious Canadian Restaurants You Need To Try

  If you are currently on a health kick or looking to add some greens into your diet, but don’t have the time to cook, these are some of Canada’s go-to healthy restaurants. From zucchini noodles to vegan meat-free options, to nut cheeses, there’s a restaurant that has something to fit every health craze out […]


Charcoal Invasion – Toronto Restaurants Hopping On The Carbonaceous Bandwagon

Photo: ihalokrunch on Instagram   Lately, it seems like every other restaurant is adding a charcoal infused dish to their menu. Why?  For one, it makes for interesting snaps. Try walking into an ice cream parlour serving charcoal-infused ice cream without spotting someone taking a selfie with their inky black frozen treat. It’s nearly impossible. Charcoal […]