fanny pack

How To Rock 2018’s Fanny Pack Like A Fashion Girl

Also known as the bum bag, the fanny pack has been quickly making a grand entrance as a favourite for the season ahead. For any fashionistas who are eager to up their accessory game this Summer 2018, you may want to take your sartorial cues from the past and rock this 1980s inspired staple.


Best Fashion Spring Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Wardrobe

While it’s always tempting to hit the shops or log on to your favourite online boutique and make some splurge purchases, shopping your own closet can be just as fun. After all, cleaning out your wardrobe can allow to keep in mind that some styles from the previous year remained on trend, while others went down the drain. Here is an official guide of what you should keep and what can be donated, as fashionistas everywhere prepare to refresh their summer wardrobes. 


The Fanny Pack Revisited- Rock This Trendy Essential For Spring

For fashionistas who view the once dreaded fanny pack as a horrific accessory left over from the days of 1980s excess, Spring 2017’s latest trend may surprise you. If you’re looking for a hands-free alternative to the clutch or satchel, perhaps consider bringing the fanny pack into your spring wardrobe. Look no further than these tips for rocking this piece all season long.