Beloved Designer Betsey Johnson Stands By Her Lipstick, Diamonds, Champagne And Rock & Roll.

“I go from the cheap, sparkling wine, up to a couple sips of Cristal,” says fashion designer Betsey Johnson, sharing her impartial love for the bubbly. “Champagne is very up. It’s like an energy drink.” If that’s the secret to the 71-year-old’s hustle, spunk, optimism and trademark cartwheel, we say pop that bottle.


Has Calvin Klein Hired Raf Simons Or Not?

When it was announced back in April that Francisco Costa would be stepping down as creative director of Calvin Klein, speculation started to grow rampant that Raf Simons would be taking over the role. After all he is available, having stepped down from his creative director role at Dior in October of 2015. Even though no official word has been given, speculation suggests that Simons may have all ready been hired, and those rumours only grew louder yesterday.