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Wavy Nails Are The Chic New Manicure Trend

There’s nothing quite like jagged stripes to transform your usual nails into a chic new statement, whether you’re heading out for the night or simply heading into the office. Before you jump into this trend, try drawing your inspiration from these examples of the wavy nail look, as spotted on social media.


Pretty Nail Art Ideas To Get You Ready For Spring

Although the winter season had us bundling up our fresh salon manicure in a pair of knitted mitts, luckily with spring nearing its arrival, we can finally show off our well-groomed tips and polished talons without freezing our fingers. For beauty lovers, looking to prep for the warmer temperatures of spring, here are a few nail art ideas that will give your tired talons a refreshing makeover. From soft pastel ombre tips to bright pink floral nails, these pretty nail art ideas will have your nails covered for the season.