1990s hair

Chunky Highlights Are Back And Better Than Ever

Although we are used to the popularity of subtly blended blond streaks, it seems that chunky highlights may be staging a comeback. Just like the first time around, chunky highlights aim to brighten up locks with their symmetrical, blocked sections of colour. From platinum to caramel, these retro style streaks are back with a vengeance.


The Modern Mullet Is Back- Will This Infamous Haircut Stay Trendy?

While the mullet may be best remembered as a notorious hairstyle from the 1980s and early 1990s, it looks like this often-debated hairdo is back for 2017. With other Nineties hairstyles like the shag also returning to the spotlight, it’s clear that this year is drawing its hair trends from this decade.


Super Mario Hair Officially Brings The 1990s Back

For those of us who were children of the 1990s, Super Mario was no doubt an essential part of our childhoods. A new hairstyle trend has surfaced just in time for Halloween, which involves hair colours inspired by the Nintendo game.