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The Modern Mullet Is Back- Will This Infamous Haircut Stay Trendy?

Photo: paulaisqueen on Instagram 

While the mullet may be best remembered as a notorious hairstyle from the 1980s and early 1990s, it looks like this often-debated hairdo is back for 2017. With other Nineties hairstyles like the shag also returning to the spotlight, it’s clear that this year is drawing its hair trends from this decade.

Photo: juutsalonspa on Instagram 

If you were in elementary school during the 1990s, your memories of the mullet may be restricted to a few uncool classmates, or perhaps an eccentric neighbour. Flash forward to today, and the revamped mullet is set to enter the spotlight this season. On Instagram, hairstylists are gradually showcasing their handiwork, with choppy strands that are longer in the back. While some examples of the mullet involve eyelash-grazing fringe, other versions feature textured strands.

Photo: mollytbaby_hair on Instagram 

Understandably, the mullet is a recycled trend which only an adventurous few will want to experiment with. For a modern spin, today’s mullet also involves vibrant hues, a longer length and tousled wavy strands (as opposed to frizzy tendrils).

Whether you’re drawing your own inspiration from rock star Joan Jett or looking to try rainbow-hued locks, the mullet is officially back. Although many of us never expected to see this quirky haircut return, today’s mullet just may be a welcome change for the non-conformist beauty addict.