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Super Mario Hair Officially Brings The 1990s Back


Photo: xpresioncreativos on Instagram 

For those of us who were children of the 1990s, Super Mario was no doubt an essential part of our childhoods. A new hairstyle trend has surfaced just in time for Halloween, which involves hair colours inspired by the Nintendo game. Super Mario hair is officially making a splash on Instagram, and can be spotted from a mile away due to its vivid colours.

The look has been crafted by Spanish hair group X-presion Creativos, which is based in Madrid. Taking its cues from the vibrant hues of Super Mario, the hairstyle features long, jet black locks accented with red, orange and blue shades. As brightly painted stripes right in the centre of a pin-straight raven mane, Super Mario hair is sure to steal the spotlight.

If you want to recreate the look with temporary hair dye for Halloween tonight, Super Mario hair just may offer you instant costume inspiration. However, the warm striped section can also revitalize your locks this autumn, as we prepare for the chilly November weeks ahead. Whatever your take on the trend, Super Mario-esque locks are sure to inspire old school gamers and new school beauty lovers alike.