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A One-On-One With Yoga & Meditation Expert Carolyn Anne Budgell


In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, dietitian and author Desiree Nielsen talks healthy living, diets and her new cookbook. See an excerpt below.


Q: How can meditation help in day-to-day life? What benefits do some people achieve when they practice meditation?

A: Meditation helps with stress, anxiety, feelings of worry, hopelessness, insomnia, digestion issues just to name a few. Some would say that meditation offers a greater sense of focus and clarity but at it’s most simple essence – meditation is about compassion. Sitting for just 5 minutes, walking slowly for 10 minutes and really listening to another without judgement ate all simple examples of how to meditate in everyday life. When we commit to it, meditation will show us how tightly wound we are agonizing over the past or planning the future. Meditation will also show us that compassion towards ourselves opens the door to presence and to this moment right in front of us. It’s a really simple practice that can have deep, profound effects on our habits and patterns, if that is what we seek.


Q: Are meditation and mindfulness helpful to young people including children?

A: Modelling meditation and mindfulness techniques to children has the potential to prevent a plethora of depression and anxiety disorders. If taught or shown to them by a trusted mentor or adult, meditation can truly change the future of our planet. Breathing games, mindful movement and mindfulness activities (such as: placing a rock on a child’s stomach so they can feel it move while breathing or ringing a bell and asking them to listen to the sound for as long as possible) trains the mind to be present, attentive and curious – traits that require continuous betterment, regardless of age!



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