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8 Simple Ways To Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated


It’s no secret that many people struggle with drinking enough water during the day. You hear the complaints and constant questioning of how much you really need and if beverages like soda count (the answer is no). The benefits of being well hydrated are extensive – better looking skin, hair and overall health and wellness. If you’re trying to drink more water, check out some of our favourite tips below for ensuring you have a well hydrated day.


1. Invest in an Infuser: If you dislike the plainness of water, consider an infuser. Adding in your favourite fruits or herbs will create a unique drink and add flavor to water (tip: lemon and mint are popular picks).

2. Get a Drink Water Reminder App: There are numerous apps available that not only remind you to drink water, they can also help track consumption.

3. Dilute Other Drinks: Juices and other drinks can be diluted (ex: 50% drink 50% water). This will not only help increase your water intake, it’ll also cut back on sugar and calories consumed.

4. Increase Consumption of Foods With a High Water Content: Strawberries, cucumbers, spinach and celery all have high water content making them great options when trying to drink more water.

5. Use the one-to-one rule when drinking alcohol: This tip is commonly known and really helpful. For every alcohol beverage drink one glass of water. Not only will you stay hydrated, you’ll also help minimize the potential for a hangover the next day.

6. Have a Glass of Water Before Every Meal: Make it a habit that before each meal you drink a full glass of water.

7. Start your day with Warm Water & Lemon: Start out your mornings with warm water and a slice of lemon. Many people believe it helps flush the digestive system (opinion on this is mixed). Celebs like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it though!

8. Use a Straw: Many people find that using a straw lets them drink more water, faster.