novel review

The Only Child Is A Creepy Psychological Suspense Novel

Thanks to Parasite making history this year at the Oscars, the spotlight on Korean films and other works of art is stronger than ever. The most recent of these is the new novel by best-selling Korean author and screenwriter Seo Mi-ae called The Only Child.


Good Girls Lie By J.T. Ellison Is A Twisty Thriller Well Worth The Read

J.T. Ellison has taken us here before. The New York Times and USA Today best-selling author knows how to draw readers in, and hold them tight as she weaves her dark, psychological tale. Her latest thriller, Good Girls Lie is more of what you’d expect from one of her novels and yet different enough that you can’t see everything is coming.


Emma Healey’s Novel Whistle In The Dark Isn’t For Everyone

Every parent’s worst nightmare is for their child to go missing, and when it does happen their greatest hope is for their child to return to them unharmed. Emma Healey’s latest novel explores the story of one family whose fifteen year old daughter is found after having gone missing for four days, and the madness that ensues as they try to piece together what happened.