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“Home To Win” Design Experts Tiffany Pratt and Sebastian Clovis On Décor Trends

With tonight officially marking the season finale of HGTV Canada’s show Home To Win, Real Style caught up with Toronto-based interior designer Tiffany Pratt and contractor Sebastian Clovis.


“Home To Win” Designer Danielle Bryk On Budget-Conscious Décor & Easy Renovations

As a design guru who is skilled in both renovations and interiors, Danielle Bryk is one of the stars of HGTV Canada’s Home To Win. With the season finale of Home To Win airing this weekend, Real Style caught up with the Canadian interior designer and renovator about her experiences on the job. Here’s what the savvy and stylish Bryk had to share with us about her creative challenges, focus on affordable home designs and her best renovation advice.