New Décor Trends For 2018

If you’re wondering how to decorate your humble abode this year, try taking the upcoming interior design trends of 2018 into account. From sleek black and white décor to soft Millenial Pink, the hottest décor of the new year ranges from minimalist to youthful and cheery. Before you embark on your next interior design mission, try drawing your inspiration from the trends that are slated to rock homes everywhere in the year ahead.

Photo: modishglam on Instagram 

Black and White Everywhere

No longer considered boring or dated, black and white can revamp everything from your bedroom to the living room. We are liking this particular setting, which involves chic black and white statement pillows and crisp bed linens. The addition of a metallic chandelier helps to create ambiance and atmosphere, and bring an ornate finishing touch into the overall space.

Photo: artbyig on Instagram 

Millenial Pink

Try decorating your home with shades of blush to fully incorporate the season’s trend of Millenial Pink into your humble home. If you played with Barbie dolls in your younger days, then this interior design colour trend is perfectly suitable for your tastes. A Millenial Pink plush sofa, fluffy pillows and a sleek metallic coffee table can help to complete your home décor.

Photo: thewaveshavecome on Instagram 

Luscious Plants

Even if the beauty of nature is many miles away from your urban dwelling, you can always steal the look with fresh greenery. Infuse your space with large, verdant houseplants, which are set to be the decorative look of 2018. Not only do plants look beautiful, they can also usher springtime into your space, especially as we impatiently await the arrival of springtime.