Visit The ROM On Friday Nights For An Evening Of Entertainment

The museum is probably the last place you’d think of going for a Friday night full of music, food, drinks and entertainment, but for the past couple of years The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has quickly become a hot entertainment spot in the city. It’s continued this winter, with ROM Winter Fridays, but if you are planning on going you’ll need to go soon as the current round of Friday shows ends on March 17th.

ROM Winter Fridays offers discounted admission to the museum, and while you roam from gallery to gallery you’ll find vendors selling food and places to grab yourself a drink. While the food and drinks are limited to only certain locations to help prevent accidental exposure to the exhibits, you’ll find enough of them that you can have a drink, explore, then have another drink. The live music is a great treat as well, and plenty of people take to the dance floor.

At the event you’ll find all sorts of groups, all over the age of 19, from the young crowd who have decided to go to the museum instead of a club, to more distinguished older crowd who enjoy browsing the exhibits and trying the different types of food offered. You definitely won’t feel out of place, no matter which type of crowd you hang out with.

ROM Winter Fridays is an interesting way to spend your Friday night, because if you get bored of the music and crowds, you can explore the exhibits. There is something to be said about having a drink, and checking out dinosaur bones and mummies, all in the same building. This evening there is an added incentive to go as well, as attendees will get an exclusive opportunity to preview their new exhibition, Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story.

Photo: The Rom Twitter