Father’s Day Activities That Dad Will Love

Senior man relaxing on bench with daughter by the sea

Deciding what to give your Dad on Father’s Day can be quite the struggle, especially if he insists on not receiving any gifts at all. There are only so many ties in the world, so step outside the box this year and treat him to an intangible gift that he can’t possibly return; memories. Learn a bit more about your old man by taking him on an adventure, and have some fun in the process.  We’ve got five fun ideas on ways to spend time with your Dad this Father’s day, and none of them require you to remember which colour tie you got him last year.

Take him fishing

Taking a trip to a scenic lake or Dad’s favorite fishing pond is a classic, relaxing day to spend Father’s day. Rent a fishing pole and venture to the great outdoors and discover some of Canada’s most beautiful fishing areas! Stunning fishing waters such as the West Coast of Vancouver Island or the Maritimes are great spots for a fishing adventure, but you don’t need to travel too far to cast a line and have a bonding experience sure to create lasting memories.

Go hiking

Most dads love the great outdoors, but many don’t get the chance to explore its beauty if they’re stuck in an office all day. Treat your dad by finding a local hiking or walking trail and pack a picnic to eat along the way for a healthy adventure the entire family will enjoy.

Visit a winery

Go on a classy adventure with your Dad by taking him wine tasting at one of Canada’s world class vineyards! Whether your dad is a wine snob or not, touring a winery is a great way to see Canada’s beautiful wine regions and landscapes, plus, any occasion can always be made better with a glass of wine, right?  Take a tour of Status Winery in Canada’s leading wine region, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and learn about viticulture and the barrel-aged process of winemaking!

Hit the golf course

Whether Dad a pro on the course or doesn’t know the first thing about the sport, an afternoon of golf is a relaxing way to spend time with your old man, and maybe get in a little competition while you’re there. If you’re not the golf club type of family, have a blast at mini golf, and if you’re dad really wants to show off his moves, get out to the driving range so he can teach you how the “real” game is played.

Photo: iStock