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Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Ideas Inspired By Instagram

If you are wondering what to wear to Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, you might want to draw your sartorial inspiration from Instagram. After all, Thanksgiving plans can range from a comfortable dinner at Grandma’s, to Friendsgiving to a sleek, sit down function at a restaurant. For anyone wondering how to dress for this October long weekend, try taking these cute and cozy outfit ideas into account right now.  


Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas To Wear Now

With Thanksgiving upon us as Canadians prepare to tuck into a day of turkey and mashed potatoes, it’s safe to say that this festival fall holiday calls for comfortable dressing. Here are our top outfit ideas for a Thanksgiving-ready sartorial statement at your family dinner.


What To Wear On American Thanksgiving

For our neighbours to the south, Thanksgiving is that big holiday where families and friends gather and after which the Christmas season is said to begin. With the upcoming holiday in the US, our styling American counterparts are going to need something to wear for the festivities. Whether you’re going home to see family, or having a gathering with your favourite people, this runway look is sure to inspire gratitude and won’t break the bank.