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Eco-Friendly Fashion Essentials That Are Perfect For Earth Day

With Earth Day rapidly approaching on April 22, you may be wondering how to embrace Earth Month in anticipation of the big day. We’ve curated a few style essentials that capture the spirit of Earth Day perfectly.


TAMGA Designs Founders Yana Barankin and Eric Dales Talk Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Fashion

Yana Barankin and Erik Dales were working in Bangladesh when they established TAMGA Designs in 2014. The two had been working in the field of international development when they saw first-hand the negative effects the fashion industry had on the community and environment. Recently, Real Style had the opportunity to chat with Barankin and Dales at the 2017 Green Living Show in Toronto. The co-founders spoke to us about their expansion, creative challenges and the sustainable garment industry.