Simone Pérèle Creative Director Katia Charle Talks Summer 2017 Lingerie

With the balmy temperatures causing fashionistas everywhere to step out in their favourite strappy creations, there’s no denying that it’s officially time to update your lingerie collection. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect white bra to wear under your new sundress or hoping to embrace the lingerie trend, it’s essential to restock your drawer of delicates. Recently, Real Style had the opportunity to chat with creative director Katia Charle, who is the artistic force behind French lingerie label Simone Pérèle. As we await the season of sun, sand and sea, we spoke to Charle about updating your undergarments for Summer 2017. 

Real Style: What are your favourite lingerie looks for Spring/Summer 2017?

Katia: In the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the [Simone Pérèle] line Elles is a must! With this line, you can create different looks. The Guipure neckpiece and the details on the straps can adapt to all my favourite looks this summer. I love the Idylle collection, because the multiple spaghetti straps in the back give it a nice look with a sheer top. I also love the Apple Green in this line, it’s really fresh for summer.

Real Style: Tell us more about finding your creative inspiration for creating your Simone Pérèle designs.

Katia: Everything can be an inspiration- shoelaces, a ballade in the forest or even taking the time to take a coffee on a terrace and look at the people walking. Of course, we are also subscribed to international trend agencies, this way we can have access to information on trendy colours and social currents.

Real Style: How can we update our lingerie for summer weather and also to suit our summer wardrobe?

Katia: There are a lot of possibilities in the SP collection. We have two different families of product to answer to two distinct needs. If we don’t want our lingerie to show, we will prefer skin colours, going from ivory to rosy nude. We can even choose red, if we have the right skin colour! We will also choose a molded bra with no seam on the cup. Also, if you need something to wear under your dresses, we offer two styles of strapless bras (plunging or straight cut). A great fabric is the 3D spacer. We have a lot of different styles produced in this fabric, and it’s perfect for summer, as it’s light on the skin and really breathable. If we want our lingerie to be visible, we can chose Elles or Idylle, as the straps details are amazing for your outfit. 

Real Style: Do you have any tips for wearing lingerie inspired fashion (such as the slip dress or the camisole top)?

Katia: For the moment, the trendy look is to wear pyjamas! It’s a real pleasure to mix this trend with your everyday look. For Fall/Winter 2017, we will have a line called NOCTURNE. In this line, we have a camisole and a nightdress, that are perfect to wear as ready-to-wear. You will be able to show the lace details of the camisole. I recommend to use lingerie as ready-to-wear in small touches and elegance. You can wear this camisole with blue jeans for a casual look, or more dressy with nice black pants. Everyone can chose and follow their own style. 

Real Style: What are your best tips for finding a well-fitting and comfortable bra?

Katia: There are a few things to control for a good fitting. The back needs to be parallel to the floor. If the back is going up, it means the band is too large and you’re pulling the straps. This is bad for the look, as the breast will look down if you look from the sides.

  • The gore needs to be flat on your chest. 
  • Straps needs to be well-adjusted (our shoulders are not the same on each side, if one is lower, you have to put the strap smaller and bigger on the other side). 
  • The cup needs to sit on your breast, not cut into it.
  • The wire needs to be sitting right next to your breast, not too close or too far from the breast. 

If you have all of this, you normally have a good fit, but its important to consult a proper fitting expert in store, they can take your measurements and make sure you are wearing the perfect bra.

Real Style: What are the three types of bras that every woman should own?

Katia: It’s important to choose your lingerie, according to your dress habits. If you wear a lot of V-necks, you might prefer push-ups or a triangle bra with or without wires. If you wear round necks, you might prefer half cup bra or low cut spacer bra. If you have fluid clothes, you can chose a bra with embroidery or lace on the cups. If you choose adjusted clothes, you might choose a molded bra without seams on the cup. It also depends of the size- a 3 part cup is a must for a generous bust, as this is going to enhance your shape and be perfect for adjusted clothes. In general, we all need one black bra, one nude bra and then we play with colours that can fit our clothes. 

Photos:  Simone Pérèle