Ashley Holden And Amy Pearson From Stole My Heart Share Valentine’s Day Lingerie Tips

With Valentine’s Day upon us, fashionistas everywhere will surely be slipping into their finest lingerie to mark the occasion. Whether you prefer silky fabrics, delicate eyelash lace or perhaps a slip dress for an inspired ensemble, the theme should ultimately be sexy yet sophisticated. From the runways to the sidewalks, the lingerie look is currently reigning supreme, and can easily be adapted for both the bedroom and the party circuit.

Real Style recently caught up with Ashley Holden and Amy Pearson, co-owners and founders of Toronto-based lingerie boutique Stole My Heart. From finding pieces which suit individual tastes to their essential undergarments, Holden and Pearson offered their advice on body positivity and new lingerie trends.

Real Style: What are your best tips for finding stylish Valentine’s Day lingerie?

Ashley: We actually put together a guide, and we sort of approached it for a partner buying lingerie for a woman. So many people have a hard time figuring out sizing, or what their taste is. It’s not one kind of sexy, so we explain to people to consider what her tastes are. If she never wears pastels, don’t buy her a pale pink chemise. When women are comfortable in something that fits well, that’s when you’re sexiest. It doesn’t have to be red; it doesn’t have to be pink.

Amy: Lingerie is for the wearer. It makes you feel confident, or sexy, or whatever you want it to do. As long as you keep that in mind while you’re purchasing, and someone else keeps it in mind when purchasing on your behalf, you’re pretty good to go.

Real Style: Are there any key trends in lingerie this season?

Ashley: One of the trends we have been noticing is a lot of people are getting away from lined bras. Really sheer is a trend, we have got some beautiful sheer bras (fully sheer and sheer with a bit of embroidery on them).

Amy: There’s this stretch tool that we are seeing a lot. We’ve got a couple that are a simple stretch tool, so it’s more athleisure inspired but it’s super sexy. Less is more, so the padding is gone, the lining is gone, and it’s just a beautifully built bra.

Real Style: Women are increasingly buying lingerie for themselves to feel great, and not necessarily for just a partner to see. Is this something which is becoming more commonplace?

Ashley: People have said for a long time that women in Europe are a bit more invested in lingerie, whereas in North America we’re a little bit more utilitarian. It is empowering to wear something [like that], especially when you have women who come in and they are like “I hate bras.” You get them into a bra which actually fits, and they stand up better, they look at themselves, they appreciate themselves, and it makes all the difference.

Amy: There’s something to be said about being covered up head to toe, and wearing that you personally find super sexy underneath, and you’re the only one who knows it. It’s like this little secret you have with yourself, which makes you walk powerfully down the street.

Real Style: What are some essentials that every woman should have in her lingerie drawer?

Ashley: Something black and strappy, I have to have personally. You need a really good fitting bodysuit.

Amy: It can be worn on its own; it can be worn under jeans for a night out or in. Also, high-waisted underwear, you have to have it. That’s one of the trends, too.

Real Style: Do you ladies have any celebrity lingerie icons?

Ashley: We both think Ashley Graham is amazing. She’s made such an impact on women.

Amy: Iskra Lawrence, she’s the Aerie real model. I think what we try to remember is that there isn’t just one role model, and there isn’t just one body type that is ideal.

Photos: Stole My Heart