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Spring/Summer Sunscreen Advice With Dr. Katie Beleznay

In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, Vancouver-based Dr. Katie Beleznay answers some of your most pressing spring/summer sunscreen related questions. Read below for an excerpt.   1. What are your top tips for keeping skin in optimal condition during the summer months? 1. Sun protection is a must: Try to avoid the sun […]


10 Things You Need to Know About Sunscreen

More time outside means it’s time to get your sunscreen on. While sunscreen is a year-long essential, it’s even more important during the summer months since you’re outdoors longer and with a lot less clothing to protect your skin. Even if you’re diligent about applying your SPF everyday, you may still be practicing some behaviours that could lead to sun damage or worse, increase your chances of skin cancer. Read on to get 10 tips to help your protect your skin from the sun.


Gisele Bundchen Comments On Sunscreen Remark

Gisele Bunchen is now commenting on her statement calling sunscreen poison.


Examining Sunscreen SPF Levels

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Expert Suncare Advice From Dermatologist Dr. Solish

Q: With summer right around the corner, what is the SPF an average adult needs?

A: When picking a sunscreen there are two things to look for. One is the SPF, or sun protection factor. Usually a 15 is enough BUT that assumes the person is putting on a good thick layer of the sunscreen. Most are not good at applying sunscreen and do not get the full effects of the 15.