sophie evans

5 Tips For Self-Tanning From St. Tropez

With the summer getting nearer, now is the time to start prepping for bikini season with a great tan. We all know that laying out in the sun to tan is a dangerous idea, but many people are afraid to use self-tanner for fear of turning orange. Real Style turned to Sophie Evans from St. Tropez for her expert tips on self-tanning to ensure you get a golden glow. With Sophie’s years of experience giving models and celebrities their tans, you will be summer ready in no time.


Self-Tanning Secrets From A Celebrity Tanner

Celebrity Skin Finishing Expert Sophie Evans — who’s tanned Victoria Beckham and Zooey Deschanel — tells us the do’s and don’ts of self-tanning, from your face to your feet… and explains what the infamous “double dip” is.