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Microneedling Is The Latest Skincare Trend Of 2017

Although most of us may find the idea of a needle near our precious visage to be absolutely terrifying, there’s a new skincare trend which just might make this socially acceptable. Appropriately titled “microneedling”, the latest innovation in skincare involves a series of tiny needles, which are meant to pierce the skin.


Foot Masks Make A Splash As A Popular Beauty Innovation

While pedicure season may be drawing to a close, beauty addicts still have an opportunity to showcase their pretty toes in the weeks ahead. If you’re taking advantage of the late summer weather and heading to the beach or cottage, you may want to keep the newest masking trend in mind.


Bubble Masks- The Newest Skincare Trend Of 2016

With sheet masks ruling 2015 as our go-to beauty treatment to getting nourished, glowing skin, it’s no wonder that a new face mask is set to make a splash this year for beauty lovers. If you’re looking to swap your traditional clay mask and even your favourite sheet mask to update your skincare routine, bubble masks may be the new skincare trend to get your hands on to help you achieve a flawless complexion.