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Foot Masks Make A Splash As A Popular Beauty Innovation

foot masking featured

Photo: whitebeautystore on Instagram

While pedicure season may be drawing to a close, beauty addicts still have an opportunity to showcase their pretty toes in the weeks ahead. If you’re taking advantage of the late summer weather and heading to the beach or cottage, you may want to keep the newest masking trend in mind.

Known as foot masking, Marie Claire reports that this skincare trend involves applying a chemical peel treatment to one’s feet. Foot masks are designed to smooth and exfoliate the toes, resulting in feet which are moisturized as well as beautiful.

Beauty addicts have the option of classic exfoliants or more intense chemical products, in order to achieve youthful-looking and supple toes.

Whether you’re aiming to remove calluses or soften your rough feet, it seems that beauty masks are no longer just for the visage. Popular among Asian beauty gurus, foot masking has also been taking Instagram by storm. Some masks also claim to brighten the skin tone of your feet, in addition to offering hydrating benefits.


Photo: estel_lg on Instagram 

Meanwhile, other options are created for instant, convenient results, which makes these masks an ideal fit for your suitcase or overnight bag. Enriched with ingredients like menthol, collagen and vitamin E, foot masks just may be your beauty solution for tender tootsies.

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