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Cellulite Creams – Do They Really Work?

Every woman dreams of a miracle cream that removes or even minimizes cellulite, but is a cure to cellulite really in a bottle? We decided to ask our skin care expert Dr. Solish for his thoughts on anti-cellulite creams.


Removing Sun Spots -Expert Skin Care Advice From Dermatologist Dr. Solish

Real Style Beauty turned to Dr. Solish, one of Canada’s top cosmetic dermatologists for his expert opinion on best beauty practices and skin care treatments. Real Style Beauty will be sharing Dr. Solish’s advice in our Beauty Expert section. Make sure to check back often.

Q: I have sun damage/spots from many years spent lying in the sun during my youth. What is the best treatment for removing or minimizing sun spots?

A) First of al those spots should be checked to make sure they are benign, or not dangerous, or other forms of pigmentation like melasma. If they are just brown spots form the sun then there are some options available in treating them. If it is excess pigment like that seen in melasma some skin belaching creams may help.