5 Steps To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

It might not be the season of snowflakes, holiday parties and steaming mugs of hot chocolate just yet, but with Halloween spirit in the air, another Canadian winter isn’t too far away from thought. The colder months usually result in dry skin from the use of hot water and constant exposure to wind, along with cracked lips and fragile fingernails! To avoid the weather wreaking havoc on your delicate skin, here are some helpful tips for fall skin care to leave you feeling and looking your best in the months ahead.


Top 5 Creams To Soothe Tired Feet

There are many products aimed at keeping your body, hands and hair moisturized and refreshed as we approach winter, but don’t forget to care for your feet as well. Keeping your feet moisturized can make a big difference in how you feel (and whether you want to wear open toe shoes at your next event). See our favourite foot creams to keep your feet in top shape.


Dry Skin Can Effect Your Whole Life

Dry Skin Can Effect Your Whole Life moisturize