Meditation: A Way To Calm Oneself In These Trying Times

    Meditation has steadily gained popularity around the world, with particular growth in North America. In these trying, challenging times meditation can offer an easy way to relax, focus and recharge. When it comes to why people meditate, there are various reasons, but many fans love the simple break it can provide from the […]


Fight The Winter Blues With These Healthy Tips

If you are looking for ways to fight the winter blues (also known as seasonal affective disorder), try looking for healthy ways to regain energy. From light therapy to calming, soothing exercises, we’ve researched a few strategies that will allow you to stay mentally healthy throughout the wintry months. Even if you can’t afford that impulse vacation to a beach destination, these tips will help to make your Winter 2018 a productive and peaceful one. 


Our Favourite Ways To Stay Happy And Healthy This Year

With the winter season in full effect, we are back into the swing of the busy work routine. Here are a few things you can do to stay happy and calm, because we could all calm down a bit.