coloured mascara

Coloured Mascara Makes A Comeback

  The on and off love affair with coloured mascara has gone on for decades. Some love the rich and bold look it can give to lashes and others find it a dated, gaudy trend. For those that have never tried it, coloured mascara can actually enhance your eye look and (if you keep it […]


Embrace 2017’s Blue Mascara Trend The Right Way

While blue mascara was once a dreaded beauty trend which was avoided by many, this makeup fad has since re-emerged as a must-try look. With late 1980s and early 1990s fashions currently reigning supreme, blue mascara also channels the era which has been displayed on the season’s runways.


Rock Coloured Mascara Like A Pro With These Tips

Despite having a reputation of being a tacky makeup trend of the 80’s and 90’s, coloured mascara has been popping up on the runway in recent seasons. Using coloured mascara is both a fun and easy way to incorporate colour in your makeup routine. It can be quite tricky to master, however, here are some tips to use coloured mascara like a pro: