christie brinkley

Christie Brinkley to Launch Her Own Skincare Line

Supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley seems to be defying the ageing process. You would never believe that she is in fact 60-years-old. How is that possible you ask? Well, you no longer need to wish to look as good as her when you get to be 60, because Brinkley will be launching her own skincare range so we can all have the chance to maintain our skin just as she has.


Sports Illustrated Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Supermodels

The past, present, and future of the Sports Illustrated franchise came out to celebrate the magazines 50th anniversary in true supermodel style. Flip through our supermodel gallery to catch a glimpse at some of the worlds most celebrated supermodels who were once Sports Illustrated cover girls!


Allure Survey Shows How Our Thoughts On Beauty Have Changed

Allure Magazine found that our tastes are changing and where once blonde hair and blue eyes were the epitome of beauty, now we embrace dark hair, curves and dark skin.