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Beauty Breakthrough: Biotherm White D-Tox Intense Brightening Serum

The new Biotherm White D-Tox beauty line consists of a cleaner, lotion, serum and cream. The product that really caught our eye though, is the White D-Tox Intense Brightening Serum. Enriched with three natural active ingredients that fight against skin pigmentation, it’s a beauty serum that may actually live up to its promises. Key ingredients include Phyto-Code seed which helps to inhibit melanin darkening, Phyto-Marine Extract which regulates melanin and Phyto-Plum Extract which limits melanin intake. Pure Thermal Plankton is also used to stimulate the birth of new skin cells.

Biotherm claims that with regular use your skin will become more radiant, transparent and any pigmentation irregularities will visibly fade (dark spots, light spots, etc).


Beauty Breakthrough: Bioeffect Skin Care

the beauty breakthrough behind Bioeffect is Epidermal Growth Factor (or EGF) a molecule in your skin that helps skin cells renew themselves.


Beauty Review: BGP Tries mark Self Improvement Skin Brightening Kit

The mark Self-Improvement Skin Brightening Kit has everything you need.