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Beauty Insider: Naomi Snieckus

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Real Style magazine. Become a Real Style subscriber and get the hottest fashion, beauty and celebrity news, enter exclusive subscriber giveaways and be the first to receive the full digital version of Real Style magazine. Click here to subscribe for free!    Actor, writer, voice over artist, improviser, and […]


Anna Silk – The Lost Girl Star On Makeup Hair And Her Beauty Routine

Anna Silk knows a thing or two about being sexy – the star of Lost Girl does play a succubus on the show after all. The supernatural series, now going into its final season, became a hit almost instantly when it first debuted on TV screens in 2010. In real life, though, Silk prefers a simple, clean look over the vampy costumes and makeup that she wears on set. The Fredericton, New Brunswick, star shares her secrets to looking gorgeous – on and off set.


Erica Durance – ‘Saving Hope’ Star Shares The Secrets Behind Her Gorgeous Look

Erica Durance is Dr. Alex Reid on CTV’s Saving Hope, but even in real life, she’s as busy as the Chief Surgical Resident she plays. Now expecting her first child, Durance is ready to take on another role: that of motherhood. Fortunately, the new mom has a laidback approach to makeup and beauty that keeps things as simple and natural as possible.