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Beauty Insider: Naomi Snieckus

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Actor, writer, voice over artist, improviser, and director Naomi Snieckus, dubbed the “queen of comedy,” does it all. She’s had roles on CTV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation and The Listener as well as horror film SAW 3D: The Final Chapter, but she is most recognized for her role as Bobbi Galka in CBC sitcom Mr.D. While her character may not be the most glamorous, with her wardrobe mostly consisting of a tracksuit, the Toronto-born comedian still loves getting dressed up. She shared her favourite beauty products, go-to makeup look and health regimen with Real Style.


What is your go-to beauty look?
I’m pretty natural on a day-to-day basis. I like to just put a little top liner, mascara, blush if I’m feeling a bit pale, concealer if I’m feeling a bit tired. Surprisingly, it takes a lot of effort to look like you don’t care. It has to be the kind of makeup I can put on quickly or as I’m riding my bike if I have to. 


Favourite makeup?
Love a nice bronzer to give you a quick healthy glow. I also love smokey eyes for the right occasion. I went to the
gym with smokey eyes – not a great choice – and by and by the end I had sweat so much I had a smokey neck.


Go-to hairstyle?
Messy bun for sure. But I also like braids and the “top of the head” braids – reminds me of my Estonian grandmother.


What is your skin care routine?
I keep things quite simple. Take my eye makeup off with L’Oréal cream, wash my face with Aveeno cleanser and then at night I put on nourishing oil by Davines, and Eye Alert by Kiehl’s. I’m a big fan of Nivea cream in the winter. Reminds me of my mother, she always had a layer of it on! I also like to keep little stashes of cream around the house, in the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, just in case of dry skin!


What do you do to stay in shape?
I bike in the city – usually through the winter too. That’s a good workout. I also drag my butt to the gym for classes as much as my butt will let me!


What does your diet consist of?
I get into routines. A grapefruit-every-morning routine, kale smoothie routine, etc. I love to cook healthy soups from scratch in the winter and then prepare big salads with veggies from my garden in the summer.


What are your favourite beauty products?
I love L’Oréal bronzer, MAC mascara, Smashbox eye liner – but if you’re in a hurry, I take a page out of my mother’s book: pinch my cheeks for blush, lick my lips for lip gloss and I’m ready to go.