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How To Get Rid Of Your Winter Fat

When the days start getting longer and the weather starts getting warmer, you know spring is upon us. That means it’s almost time to shed our thick jackets, extra layers and comfy sweaters for clothing that’s a little more revealing. Unfortunately during our months of hibernation many of us have also picked up a few extra pounds that we’re not excited to show off. While it can be frustrating trying to determine how to get rid of your winter fat, it’s not as impossible to do as it may seem. You just need a little motivation and inspiration to help you get back to your preferred weight. Here’s a little bit of both.

Drink More Water and Herbal Teas

The problem with hibernating during the winter is that we don’t move around enough, and our metabolism starts to crawl. To help speed it back up, you should start by drinking more water and herbal teas (without sugar of course). Boosting our metabolism will help burn more calories, even when you are at rest. Doctors recommend drinking 30-50ml of water per kilogram, which works out to be about 2 to 3 liters a day for the average adult.

Eat Better

Most of us fill our plates and eat more food than we need to. It’s important to always keep in mind that in order to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you consume. Create a nutrition plan and try to prepare as many of your meals on your own as you can. If you aren’t sure how to do this, there are plenty of companies, websites and books out there that can help you such as WW, and Jenny Craig. If you want something mobile to take around, you might want to look at the MyFitnessPal, or The Ultimate Food Value Diary available for download on both Android and IOS devices. The key is knowing how much food you need to consume to get the nutrients you need without going overboard. Keep in mind that you will need to give up processed foods and frozen meals as well. Your sugar intake will need to be reduced, and you will need to eat at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Snack Better

Many people view snacking as the bane of their existence, but it’s not. It’s what we snack on that’s the problem. Most of us reach for processed snacks such as chips, chocolate bars, and sugary treats, when we should be reaching for fresh or dried fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers or hard boiled eggs. Snacking on healthy, low-calorie treats help control hunger, stimulate our metabolism and keep our blood sugar levels stable.

Exercise Regularly 

While many of us plan to start exercising right after the holidays, the reality is many of us don’t. We’re still in hibernation mode, and aren’t ready to move forward with an exercise routine. If you want to get rid of your winter fat however, there is no way around it. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean long, intense work-outs at the gym. It can be anything from taking long walks, to going swimming, home workouts, following along with YouTube videos and more. Not only will exercise help you trim your waist-line, but it’s important for your health as well. Something else to keep in mind, don’t overdo it. Exercising longer will not make you lose weight faster and it doesn’t happen overnight. Your phone can be your friend too, with apps available on IOS and Android devices that track your footsteps, fitness goals, and more.

Make A Plan

While we can give you all the tips in the world, none of them will matter if you don’t decide to move forward with any of them. The best thing you can do is to make a plan on how you will lose your winter fat. Don’t try to go cold turkey, or take on more than you can handle, but instead take small steps and make small changes. When you are used to the changes in your routine you can add more goals, but give yourself time to get there. This will ensure you don’t get tired of doing it, and will help keep you focused and motivated.