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Suzanne Somers Talks Aging, Dieting & More


You can’t keep Suzanne Somers down. The 74-year-old fitness and wellness icon has not only survived, but thrived in her over 40 years in show business. Somers launched the Yahoo Life Unapologetically Suzanne Video Series earlier this summer and in the newest installment she talks aging, beauty and diet.   

“I eat as though my life depends upon it because I have had cancer,” she explains. “I do believe my body and my life depend on the food that I eat.” “I have good hair and I have good skin and I’m not terribly wrinkled. And the wrinkles I have don’t bother me because I deserve some at 74.”

While she may get flack for her sometimes daring Instagram photos, she’s proud of her body and her journey. Check out the full video here: