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New ‘guilt-free’ Belgian Chocolate Bar Has A Waiting List Of 4,000


The British do love their chocolate and the latest buzz in the sweets industry comes courtesy of British tv personality Ollie Ollerton.  Ollerton and his team have created what they call “the future of healthy snacking” a guilt-free chocolate bar called the Battle Ready Fuel Triple Chocolate Bar.

The Daily Mail reports that the bar (who retails for about $4.00 CAD) contains only two grams of sugar – compared to the 20.8 grams in a Mars bar – and 234 calories and has a Belgium chocolate coating. Its makers claim the gluten-free, on-the-go nibble is the ‘future of healthy snacks’ as it sustains energy levels all day long, boosts calorie burning, curbs hunger between meals, lowers blood pressure and helps to maintain a healthy weight. The Battle Ready Fuel hand-blended artisan bar is packed with 100 per cent natural ingredients and a creamy mellow couverture chocolate flavour with no added refined sugars. 

While it’s currently only available in the UK, if its success continues, it’ll likely cross the pond. With an already impressive wait list of 4,000 (for a candy bar!), we’ll keep you posted on availability stateside.