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Beyonce’s Strict 22-Day Diet Sparks Criticism


In a new Youtube video, Beyoncé recently shared details of her 22-day diet and some experts voiced their concerns and skepticism. The diet is 100% plant-based and was developed by her trainer Marco Borges. The diet shuns sugar, carbs, alcohol, dairy and meat among other things.

The video opens with Beyoncé stepping on the scale and stating “every woman’s nightmare” when the scale flashes 175.  Her trainer explains that the 22-Day plant-based diet will improve energy, sleep mood and complexion.

Joe Schwarcz, a professor at McGill University shared his thoughts on the diet with the National Post. “She’s expending more calories than she’s taking in, so, yeah, there’s going to be weight loss. I have absolutely nothing against a plant-based diet,” Schwarcz said. “A properly balanced, plant-based diet is probably the ideal diet. But it doesn’t have any special properties for weight loss.”

The 22-day diet plan costs US $14 per month.



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